The Vitrocentre aims to combine art-historical, conservational and technological approaches in its work. Technical assessment has, in fact, always been an integral part of the art-historical inventories for the Corpus Vitrearum. Technological analysis has also proved to be of great interest in the area of reverse painting on glass, barely researched until now. Indeed, one of the main objectives of the donation of the Ruth and Frieder Ryser Collection to the Vitrocentre was to further this kind of research, for which it constitutes an ideal base of reference.

The Vitrocentre carries out research both in the form of individual projects, and in providing services to third parties. It has an infrastructure centred on the study and documentation of the visual phenomena of the works of art, and cooperates with partner laboratories for scientific analyses.

The main focuses of research are:

  • Historical painting techniques in stained glass and reverse painting on glass
  • Glass technology
  • Historical leading

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